dSolutions SI, družba za informatiko, d.o.o.
Meškova 4
SI-1000 Ljubljana
   t: +386 (1) 43 40 417
   f: +386 (1) 43 40 418
   e: info@dsolutions.si
   skype: dsolutions.si

dSolutions SI d.o.o., a part of Dornbracht International Holding GmbH, is a small company developing and integrating specific IT & e-business solutions.

Our focus is integration of field personnel, partners, suppliers, customers with our client's business processes, extending the reach of company information systems beyond the physical boundaries, enabling communication, coordination and collaboration of an interconnected enterprise.

Advantages of the solutions we have so-far implemented are the ability to go beyond standard solutions when accomodating customer's needs, providing support for the customer's state of the art business processes, adaptability to business process improvements and changes.

Our activities can be grouped in the following areas:

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems, enabling on-line and off-line work of field representatives, complex segmentation, based on detailed customer data, ...

    Our client recieved a prestigious award for implementation and mastery of it's customer relationship management system.

  • Supply Chain Management Systems, developing specialized supplier portals, integrating resource planning beyond company's boundaries

    Using our system it was possible to shorten order processing and fulfillment time with client's many smaller suppliers, from average of seveal weeks to a new average of a couple of days.

  • Customer Services Support Systems, coordinating, planning, managing the company field activies.

    By minimizing paperwork of field personnel, central planning and transparent view of customer services field activities, an increase of up to 30% of customer services processing in the field can be achieved.

  • Business Process Management & Specific information systems development: Our information systems are workflow based, which means that it is possible to tailor them to different business processes, easily extend them, adapt to business process changes and connect to other business processes.

In our company we value: knowledge, adaptability, quality, innovation, determination and a positive impact on environment in which we act.

Company dSolutions SI d.o.o. is a Microsoft Certified Partner and develops its solutions and performs its services using mainly Microsoft technologies.